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About SpaceProf

A Glasgow based space technology engineer, academic, and director working at the interface between academia, industry, & government.

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Engineer, professor, & director

Current roles

with start dates

Special Advisor on Innovation

2018 - present


Great adventure relies on good planning, Huli is the new standard in outdoor activity route planning. Learn more


2017 - present

University of Strathclyde

Chair of Space Technology in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Learn more


2017 - present

UK Space Agency

Steering Board member, providing advice to Ministers on strategy, function, & operation, as well aiding monitoring & advising on performance. Learn more


2015 - present

SoXSA, Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications

Scotland's national space innovation centre, translating research for market-led innovation-pull to develop new concepts for the exploitation of space. Connecting innovation across business, academia, & government. Learn more

Associate Editor

2009 - present

AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics

A leading, peer-review journal in the field of aerospace engineering on the advancement of the science & technology of guidance, control, & dynamics. Learn more

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Selected supplementary roles

These roles are laregly linked to my University of Strathclyde position, with end dates where appropriate


2018 - present

ARIEL Project Management Board

A space telescope aiming to observe the chemical composition & thermal structure of the atmosphere of exoplanets. The primary project monitoring & assurance mechanism for the UK’s investment in ARIEL across finance, schedule, technical specification, & scope, providing advice to the Agency Executive. Learn more


2018 - present

Scottish Space Leadership Council, SSLC

Bringing together key figures to drive sector growth, collaboration, & alignment by developing & overseeing the delivery of an industry-led strategy, providing leadership to stimulate action by businesses and drive industry growth Learn more

Committee Member

2017 - 2019

Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

An international study team of scientist & engineering leaders to develop an international scientific roadmap on Small Satellites for Space Science. Report in press at Advances in Space Research.

Committee Member

2015 - 2016

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

An ad hoc committee under the auspices of the National Research Council to review the state of the scientific potential & technological promise of CubeSats, producing the report Achieving Science with CubeSats: Thinking Inside the Box.

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Learned societies & professional qualifications


Royal Aeronautical Society, RAeS

Associate Fellow

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA

Registered European Engineer

European Federation of National Engineering Associations

Chartered Engineer

Engineering Council UK

Elected member

2013 - 2018

Royal Society of Edinburgh's Young Academy of Scotland

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Prior roles


2016 - 2019

Science and Technology Policy Institute

A federally funded research & development centre located in Washington, D.C. & administered by the non-profit Institute for Defense Analyses. Learn more


2015 - 2017

University of Strathclyde

Reader of Space Technology in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

Senior Lecturer

2011 - 2015

University of Strathclyde

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.


2018 - 2011

University of Strathclyde

Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

Research and Technology Domain Expert

2005 - 2008

SciSys (UK) Ltd.

Delivering attitude control software for LISA-Pathfinder & ADM-Aeolus throughout the mission life-cycle, in addition to a number of studies.

Research Assistant

2003 - 2004

University of Glasgow

Developing a catalogue of advanced mission concepts for the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Contact Information

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
James Weir Building
75 Montrose Street
Glasgow, G1 1XJ